Seeing PANDA data on a map

The Problem

You want to see data from PANDA visualized on a map.

Frequently you will have datasets stored in your PANDA that have either addresses or latitude and longitude. It makes sense to search and browse this data on a map. PANDA itself doesn't offer this functionality, however, it is possible to get data out of PANDA and onto a map fairly quickly using other tools.

The Solution

To see your data on a map you should use PANDA's export feature and then upload your data to Google Fusion Tables for visualization.

To export your dataset from PANDA visit its dataset page and select Export to CSV from the Actions dropdown menu.

You can also export search results from any results page using the Export search results to CSV button. Be aware that cross-dataset searches will produce a zip file of CSVs, rather than a single file.

Depending on the size of your dataset it may take some time to export. If your PANDA has email enabled you will receive an email when the export is complete. You will also receive a new notification in the Notifications dropdown at the top of your PANDA. Click this notification (or the link in your email) to download the exported file.

Once you have a CSV file you can upload that file to Fusion Tables to be mapped. It will allow you to geocode addresses or map latitude and longitude. The exact process to accomplish this is beyond the scope of this documentation, but you can find more information in these other tutorials: