Importing Access files

The Problem

PANDA does not support importing Microsoft Access files.

There are actually two file formats produced by Access. Older files have an .mdb extension and newer files have a .access extension. Both formats are proprietary and neither format is directly supported PANDA. To make matters more complicated, Access files are actually databases that can contain a multitude of tables and the relationships between them. PANDA does not support database relationships.

The Solution

Individual Access tables should be exported to CSV before being imported into PANDA. Relationships between tables will be lost.

If you are a programmer or are comfortable using the command line then you can try using mdb-export from the mdb-tools command line toolkit. This will export a table named tablename from an Access database named filename.mdb:

mdb-export filename.mdb tablename > tablename.csv

Note: mdb-tools only supports Access files with the .mdb extension. There is no alternative to Microsoft Access for exporting data from files with the .access extension.

Note: Whenever converting a file to import it into PANDA you should also upload the original as related file.