PANDA is free, but it needs a home.

The Knight Foundation paid for PANDA so you don’t have to. It’s 100% free and open-source software. To get one for your newsroom, you’ll need a server to host the site and store your data.

The easy way

For less than $45 per month ($540 per year), you can run PANDA on a server in Amazon’s cloud. Even better, you can pre-pay, which would bring your cost down to less than $300 per year.

(Specifically, we recommend a “small” instance on Amazon’s EC2. If you reserve your server, we recommend the heavy-utilization small instance. PANDA is packaged as an AMI, so it’s just a couple of clicks to fire one up.)

Do it yourself

You can run PANDA on any server — in the cloud, your data center, or under your desk. It’s pretty easy to set up if that’s your thing.

See the PANDA administrator documentation for specific details on how to set up a PANDA on Amazon or on your own server.